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Printing NYC: Dos and Don’ts

NYC is a place that offers everything you could ever need. But this doesn’t spare you from companies that offer low quality services, scams and poor customer service. When you need printing services, there are a few guidelines that you should take into consideration to make sure you choose a good company that will meet your demands.


Check online to see what the customers have to say about a certain company. Each website advertises the company, but by viewing the pros and cons of customers, you’ll get the bigger picture and see what the company is all about. Some flaws stated by some picky customers might be meaningless for you, while others could make you switch to another.

See if there any businesses that worked with the company you’re interested in. Influence Print is definitely remarkable as it worked with HBO, NBC Universal, United Nations, Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren or Hearst.

When you need a large amount of printings, ask whether you could get a discount.

If the printed materials are highly important for your business, don’t forget to get all the details of the collaboration in writing.

Get online quotes to see if you can afford everything you’d like. If you don’t, you can make some adjustments before you get in touch with a representative. If you fail to do so, you might make unwise decisions, such as overlooking priorities or ordering the wrong number of prints.

Ask any questions before you proceed with the order. Take into consideration the recommendations of the representatives as well.

Look for a fair price. You should always look for the best price per value.


Don’t hurry up to pick the first printing NYC company that you see. Research a bit to see what’s out there.

Don’t hire multiple companies for various tasks if you want to save time. It’s better to get one that offers a wide range of services and to go only with that one. Different vendors will most likely provide different outcomes.

Don’t be impressed by colorful advertisements and websites. Look for results.

Don’t assume that the company performs certain tasks. Always ask if they can do everything you’re interested in. This will avoid any misunderstandings.

Don’t look for the cheapest printing services. You might be disappointed and then you’ll have to start all over again. This will obviously mean that you’ll spend more money.

Print Making

K. Ryan Henisey

My Print Yesterday, I had a wonderful time watching a quick printmaking demo and trying it out myself at Barnsdall Art Park. In honor of Rodin’s Figures D’Ombres, the style of printing we learned was using plates. For our purposes (and because modern technology has made art-making so awesome), our plates were foam rubber blocks that were heated and then pressed with designs. I chose the Municipal Art Gallery signage right at the entrance. I think it turned out awesome.

I’ve already ordered the materials we used, so look for a demonstration in the future!

This quick demonstration was wonderful. This quick demonstration was wonderful.

Rodin's Print Rodin’s Print

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